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Introduction to H+ME Technology and the Twice Built Home

I started out my adult life in PMQ’s (Private Married Quarters) with my then military husband and baby girl. When we were posted to Edmonton, we noticed all the new home construction popping up around the base. Friends of ours were buying homes in droves so we started to think maybe we should to. We spent months touring show homes in the local area. It was at that time that I developed a fascination with home-building. It was neat to see all the latest innovations.

I remember the day we signed the contract to buy a new home. I should have been feeling nervous and anxious, but instead was overcome with a feeling of peace and calm. I knew deep down that it was the right move for our family and was surprised at how comfortable I felt. Normally, I’m so anxious about big decisions!

It took almost a year from start to finish because our home was being built to order. I still am fascinated by new home construction and would love someday to buy another brand new home. One thing I’ve learned about owning an older home is that it comes with lots to fix, at least in my experience!

Technology has advanced drastically over the last decade especially here in the province of Ontario. H+ME Technology has been building state-of-the-art homes for over a decade. In fact, they have built over 5,000 two-storey residences in the GTA over that time period. After doing more research about them, I can see why people love their “twice-built” homes. Now, I want to build one too!

H+ME Technology

Image courtesy of H+ME Technology

So what exactly is a “twice-built” home? I’m sure you are wondering because it was new to me as well. “Built twice and assembled once” is the description I found on their site. H+ME Technology starts your home build in virtual 3D CAD (Computer-aided design). This process allows their architects, designers and engineers to examine the entire structure and all the nooks and crannies before ground is even broken. And there’s a lot of math and by a lot I mean over a million calculations. Every last inch is accounted for by their professional team to ensure everything fits the way it should and works together. Makes sense!

H+ME Technology

Image courtesy of H+ME Technology

After that process has been completed, the home is built for a second time with virtually no errors. Construction instructions are sent from the CAD to the state-of-the-art, humidity-controlled 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This is where the magic happens and your home comes to life.

H+ME Technology

Image courtesy of H+ME Technology

The panels are built in the factory and then assembled on site in as little as two days. Remember I told you I waited almost a year for my house? A two day time frame wows me! It also means that there is no damaged building materials that have been sitting over time or lost time due to inclement weather.

What matters most is the final result: the home where you and your family will live. Because of the amount of planning that goes into building these homes, you’ll find that there is virtually no errors in construction, no deficiencies and most importantly, no delays. As someone who has went through this before, that is a huge plus!

H+ME Technology

Image courtesy of H+ME Technology

Other key points that I also found impressive are:

  • Precision engineering reduces energy consumption and material waste during construction by up to 30%
  • Precision-engineered panels result in straighter walls, more level floors, faster installation, as well as better-fitting trim, molding and cabinets
  • All floors are built on engineered i-joists which are so precisely cut that when assembled they resist warping, shrinking, cupping and twisting better than any other floor in the industry

 H+ME Technology

Image courtesy of H+ME Technology

Take a peek at the H+ME Technology site to learn more about their innovative technology and also see where their home developments are located. I’d love to own one of these high-end panelized homes. After learning more about them, they’ve not only impressed me with their setup, but also their reputation in the Ontario construction industry. Well done!

Are you ready to upgrade to a new home or are, like me, fascinated but the latest technology in the home-building industry? 

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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