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What is Cashier Profiling and Should You Do It?

Have you heard the term “cashier profiling?” It’s a pretty common term in the couponing world, but the question is, should you do it? Cashier profiling is when you pick your cashier based on certain characteristics that you think will make your couponing trip easier. These could be age, looks, sex and more. It also means not checking out at any register with a cashier that doesn’t fit the bill of your profile.

Why would you want to profile? Well, certain types of people may pay less attention to your coupons. Other types may push a coupon through without reading it. Others may give you a hard time simply because you’re using coupons at all. It’s those characteristics that can cause someone to want to begin profiling.

For instance, I had a horrible experience with a cashier at Walmart on a grocery shopping trip last year. I was organized with my coupons and had several products I wanted to price match. As soon as the cashier saw that I had coupons, she started sighing loudly and rolling her eyes. She continued sighing loudly through my order and when I tried to apologize (I was at a loss what her deal was), she ignored me and rolled her eyes once again. After that experience, I do actively look who is at the cash register because I’ll be avoiding this particular cashier. I’d rather wait in a line for 20 minutes than go through her checkout with my groceries. Is that cashier profiling? In a way, I guess it is.

What is Cashier Profiling and Should You Do It?

Is profiling your cashier the “right” thing to do? First you’ll need to ask yourself why you are profiling. If you are profiling simply because you’ve been treated badly like I was, speak to customer service after the experience. Make sure that you are polite when you get there, smile and take it easy on them. If you have any issues, allow customer service to take care of it.

With that said, I don’t see anything wrong with avoiding the person in the future though if you’ve been treated negatively. I’d rather leave the store in a good mood!

If you’re profiling for any other reason, there may be an issue.  If you’re profiling so that you can commit coupon fraud like using expired coupons, not buying the right product, etc, re-thinking your entire strategy will be a much bigger help to you than profiling would. Coupon fraud is wrong and illegal.

Cashier profiling isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some of the reasons for doing it are. Instead of feeling like you need to profile, just be sure that you’re always using coupons correctly and that you’re polite to cashiers and any other store employees you deal with.  Don’t give anyone a reason to give you an issue!

Do you find yourself cashier profiling when you shop? 

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