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Laundry Stain Guide

Stains are inevitable especially when you have kids. In my case, I’m pretty sure I’d be dealing with stains on a regular basis even if I was childless. I’m a huge klutz and notoriously messy eater. I really should be wearing a bib at meal times….

Today, I have a reference printable for your Household binders, a Laundry Stain Guide. I’ve listed out a bunch of common stains and how to tackle them for the best results. Even if you don’t have a household binder, you could still print it out and keep it in your laundry room for reference. It will save you a bit of googling!

Laundry Stain Guide

Laundry Stain Guide

If you don’t want to print it out, now feel free to pin it to your cleaning or household boards on Pinterest.

I reference several laundry products that are good to keep on hand. This way you can tackle the stain immediately and not have to run out to the store to find the products you need.

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How often do you find yourself dealing with stains?

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