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It breaks my heart when I hear news stories about bad things happening to kids. As a mom, it’s unimaginable to even think about something happening to my own kids. Accidents happen. I know that. In some cases, there are things you can do right now to prevent the unimaginable from happening.

One thing I’ve been hearing about more and more is accidents regarding falling televisions (and other large pieces of furniture). I remember when I read a blog post years ago about a dresser falling on a young toddler and killing her. I was shocked and incredibly sad for the family. The mother was reaching out to other parents online to share her story so that they could prevent it from happening in their homes. It’s very scary and honestly, not something I even thought of when my girls were that age. I’m thankful that nothing ever happened to them though it could have. That fact alone scares me!

The fix is pretty simple and affordable. Experts are recommending that you attach your television to your wall to prevent it from falling over and causing injuries. Best Buy Canada has a variety of suitable options to get the job done and they even offer professional installation through the Best Buy Geek Squad so you know it’s done right.

Check out Best Buy Canada’s top TV mount and installation products.

Sanus Anti-Tip Safety Strap

It attaches your TV (or other piece of furniture) to your wall to prevent it from accidentally tipping. Its unique 3-point attachment design allows the TV to continue to swivel from left to right on its pedastal base, if it has one. Buy one for $19.99 at your local Best Buy store or online at

Sanus Anti-Tip Safety Strap

Sanus Wall Mounts

Mount your TV safely to your wall with this Sanus wall mount. This helps to keep it out of reach of little ones or curious pets. They have wall mounts fro TVs from 13″ to 90″ with features that support a simple tilt to full motion movement. Prices range from $39.99 to $599.99. Visit your local Best Buy store or go online to to check them out.

wall mount-2

Geek Squad TV Installation Services

Ensure that your TV is installed properly and safely by enlisting the help of Best Buy Canada’s Geek Squad. They offer a variety of services like Standard Set Up that includes delivery, installation and demonstration of basic functions. Their Elite Premium Service Package includes delivery, installation, connection to up to 3 devices in your home, dressing of wires, 3-year, 24/7 support and more. The prices range from $249.99 to $530.00. Visit your local Best Buy store or call 1-800-GEEKSQUAD.

Visit Best Buy Canada to learn more about these products and see how it can bring you peace of mind. Think of your current TV setup. Do you have it safely secured?

Disclosure: I received a gift card as compensation for this post. Opinions expressed are my own.

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