5 Rules for Cooking with Kids

My youngest daughter loves helping out in the kitchen. I usually give her the “easy” tasks like mixing or measuring out ingredients. It’s not uncommon for her to complain and think being a kid in the kitchen just plain “sucks”. She moans that she isn’t allowed to do any of the fun tasks and that all I give her to do are the regulated and boring tasks. What’s a mom to do?

This video, “Cooking With Parents” is worth a watch. It’s a manifesto from children to parents presenting five rules to bring back the fun in the kitchen – and make kids want to be there too!

A Room of Do’s and Don’ts

Pretty straightforward right? I know I’ve often said, “Be careful” or “Don’t touch that!”. Instead of being a a space filled with rules and strict direction, the kitchen should be a place to come together without the fear of making a mess or being scolded.


IKEA’s Life At Home Report shows that nearly half of all parents feel a lack of time to play with their children. I totally understand this feeling. Parents naturally feel guilty about it. On the other side, children lack basic food knowledge and cooking skills because parents fear the mess and stress that goes along with letting kids work in the kitchen.

Check out these interesting tidbits of info from the report:

  • As many as two of three parents believe it is important to involve their children in the kitchen.
  • As many as nine in ten parents say they already involve their kids in the activities around food.
  • Kids are however mostly helping out with clearing plates and doing other things connected to cleaning. In other words, just the boring stuff.


The “Funnest” Room of All

We spend a large amount of our time in the kitchen preparing meals so it makes sense to use this room as a time to be together. In a kid’s mind, the kitchen could potentially be the “funnest” room in the home.

How would your kids design your kitchen? Imagination is a wonderful thing! Check out the video below where kids describe how they would design their kitchen.

IKEA believes that children are the most important people in the world and that there is a lot to learn by listening to them. They think it’s time to let kids into the kitchen. For real. It’s time for cooking with parents.

Do you cook with your kids?

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Stacie Vaughan

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