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10 Tips to Reduce Dust in your Home

When you’re cleaning, does it seem impossible to get rid of all the dust that has accumulated in your home? It seems inevitable to have particles flying around or sitting on your counters and tables, but there are actually ways to get rid of dust in your home so you can breathe in fresh, clean air…and so your guests (or in my case, my mom with her dust radar) don’t spot any dust bunnies!

10 Tips to Reduce Dust in your Home

Tips to Reduce Dust in your Home

Read on for 10 tips to reduce dust in your home!

1. Store blankets, sheets, and other linens in plastic containers in your closets. Also, stash away heavy winter coats that aren’t worn often. Fabric is a breeding ground for dust so the less you have sitting freely in your closets, the better.

2. Use cleaning supplies that collect and remove dust rather than spreading it around. Swiffer dusters are perfect for capturing the dust so you get rid of it. Simply cleaning with a feather duster will send the particles to a new location, making your efforts pointless.

3. Take your rugs out a couple times a week and give them a good shake. Dust tends to collect in carpet fibers so this will easily rid your home of a great amount of dirt.

4. Change your bedding once a week to help reduce dust in your home. As we sleep and move around in bed, dead skin flakes off and can cause lots of dust. Also, shake out your blankets and comforters when you take the rugs out.

5. Reduce the amount of knick-knacks you have sitting around your home. Decorative pieces are nice to look out, but they also harbour tons of dust. The less surfaces available for it to collect, the easier it is to eliminate dust.

6. Use an air purifier in your most dusty areas. These are usually your high traffic areas such as the living room and kitchen. The machine will help to pull particles from the air, so you can breathe easier.

7. Switch to a pleated electrostatic filter for your furnace. There are other types available, but these are the best for trapping dust and allergens. Make sure you replace the filter regularly to keep the dust at bay!

8. Make sure you are using a vacuum cleaner that is effective in removing dust. It doesn’t just need good suctioning power. The most useful vacuum will also have a strong brush that agitates the carpet to remove the dust that builds up.

9. Put sturdy doormats at every entrance to your home to cut down on dust. When your family and guests wipe their shoes, they carry in less dirt and particles. If possible, get everyone to remove their shoes – this will further eliminate the accumulation of dust!

10. Watch the humidity levels in the house. It is ideal to keep these levels at 40% to reduce static. Static causes dust to cling to surfaces, making it more difficult to remove from your home.

What are some ways you keep dust at bay in your home?

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