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Organizing Your Kitchen on a Budget

Your kitchen is the one place in your home that for many of us becomes a sanctuary. If your kitchen is unorganized, it can make it extremely hard to find anything and get anything accomplished. Organizing can cost a ton if you’re not careful. Luckily, there are some great DIY and budget friendly ways to organize a kitchen! Check out these ideas for how to organize your kitchen on a budget and keep yourself not only organized, but your wallet happy too!

Organizing Your Kitchen on a Budget - Cleaning up this space is possible and, in fact, isn't hard at all. Get started today with these eight simple tips!

Organizing Your Kitchen on a Budget

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1. Large soup cans. Larger soup cans are great to use as utensil holders. Rinse them well and cover them with pretty scrapbook paper that matches your décor.

2. Over the door shoe holders. Sounds silly, but purchase a couple of over the door shoe holders for a few bucks each. You can hang them on the back of your pantry door and use them to store things that come in packets.

3. Good old hammer and nails. They might be your best friend when it comes to organizing on a budget. Make a row of them to hang your pots and pans for quick access and easy storage. You can also do this behind your stove to store cooking utensils that you use on a regular basis.

4. Recipe binder. If cookbooks are taking over your kitchen, grab a binder. Copy the recipes you want to keep and slide them into plastic sheets then sell or donate the cookbook mountain. The plastic sheets will protect your recipes and you’ll be rid of the clutter.

5. Reuse baby food jars. Tired of your spice cupboard overflowing? Post on Freecycle or your local Facebook groups to see if anyone has any baby food jars (empty, of course) they would be willing to give you. Drill tiny holes in the tops then fill with your favorite spices. They will stack much easier than spice bottles making for a much more organized cabinet.

6. Snacking the day away. Kids snacks getting all over the place? Grab a large metal storage basket and label it as snacks. Keep all of your snack foods there and place it in an area where the kids can easily reach it. For refrigerated snacks, you can do the exact same thing, but will need a smaller basket. This also works well for other types of foods too.

7. Make use of unused space. Do you have extra wall space that isn’t being used? Grab a cheap wall rack and screw them into the wall. You’ll create instant shelving that makes use of any available space.

8. Carry a caddy. You really only need a few products to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Instead of storing them all under the kitchen sink, spend a few bucks on a cleaning caddy and fill it up with the products you use most. You’ll not only save space, but you’ll save time since you won’t be hunting for that bottle to wipe the stove down with.

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be an expensive. In fact, most of the items that you would need or want can be bought for just a few dollars each. Get creative and make use of any available space that you have and soon, your kitchen will be organized and ready to go!

How do you keep your kitchen organized?

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