My Journey to Beautiful Skin

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I like to think that I’ve been blessed with good genes when it comes to battling the signs of aging. My mom is turning 60 this year and still has great skin for her age. My grandma has beautiful skin for a woman in her 80s. As for my own skin, I’ve only started to think about the inevitability of getting older in the last year. I’m 37 years old and figured wrinkles would catch up to me eventually. And they have – seemingly overnight!

I remember waking up one morning a few months back and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I noticed a deep line forming under my left eye. I looked at my right eye and it seemed ok. I thought to myself, “Well, here we go”. I felt a bit panicked because I wondered how much more noticeable it will become.

My Journey to Beautiful Skin

Over the next several months, I’ll be testing a new anti-aging product, Lise Watier Sublimessence High Concentration Age-Defying Serum. I’m very excited to see what kind of positive effects it will have on my skin. You can bet I’ll be applying it to that line under my left eye and the other various wrinkles that have been slowly cropping up. I want them to become less noticeable and go away, if possible.

My Journey to Beautiful Skin

I did a little reading on the product and it sounds wonderful and exactly what my skin needs right now. Sublimessence contains a high concentration of the exclusive Labrador Tea Extract, a potent Canadian antioxidant, which works with every application to bring you fast results. It packs a powerful anti-aging punch that reverses the already-visible signs of aging, improves skin’s resilience and fights skin aging. I’m very hopeful to see how it will work with my skin. I’ve read that people have seen visibly younger, radiant skin in just one week of use!

Another neat thing about Sublimessence is the Active Cell Infusion Complex. It adds a boost to the active ingredients in the serum to deliver them where your skin needs them most.

Besides diminishing your wrinkles, Sublimessence also helps to rejuvenate skin, restore radiance, refine texture and even out skin tone. My skin is blotchy looking without makeup and I’d love to have improved texture and skin tone. I feel very self-conscious about it and always wonder if people notice, too.

In addition to trying out Sublimessence, I plan to explore more ways I can take care of my skin. Don’t worry, I will share all my findings with you. I hope you’ll follow along over the next while to track my progress!

What is your number one concern right now with your skin?

Stacie Vaughan

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