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19 ​Kitchen Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Life is hectic and I’m always on the lookout for ways I can save myself time and money. It amazes me some of the genius ways you can do both. People are so creative!

Let’s chat kitchen hacks. From cutting brie with floss, to freezing mozzarella before grating it, these kitchen hacks have you covered.  Keep this list handy for reference and soon these tips and tricks will become “old hat”.

19 ​Kitchen Hacks That Will Change Your Life - mind blown! You'll wonder why you never thought of these ideas before!

Kitchen Hacks

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1. Freeze fresh cut herbs in olive oil in ice cube trays. You’ll have oil and herbs ready any time you are cooking.

2. Want to make banana bread, but don’t have any ripened bananas? Place bananas – peels on – on a cookie sheet. Bake at 300°F for an hour. Let cool, then peel. Your bananas will be perfectly ripe!

3. Add ½ teaspoon baking soda to boiling water while making hard boiled eggs, and they’ll be easier to peel.

4. Cut potatoes with an apple slicer. I found this one on Amazon for just a few bucks!

5. Cut pancakes with a pizza cutter.

6. Chill wine with frozen grapes instead of ice cubes, to avoid the wine getting watered down.

7. Freeze mozzarella for thirty minutes before grating it – it’s easier to grate and makes less mess.

8. Partially freeze chicken or beef before cooking stir fry to ensure you get those awesomely thin strips like at the restaurant.

9. Roll lemons, limes, and oranges in your palms for about twenty seconds before cutting and juicing, to get more juice out of them!

10. Peel garlic the easy way: smash the garlic onto a cutting board or counter with the bottom of a ceramic dish. Place in a bowl with a lid, and shake! It should separate and be easy to peel right away.

11. Place a damp paper towel underneath your cutting board, and it won’t slide around.

12. Put chicken breasts in your stand mixer while they’re still hot. Mix for about a minute, and you’ll have instant shredded chicken. Add in some mayonnaise and diced pickles, and you’ve got chicken salad!

13. Use (unscented) floss to cut through soft foods like cinnamon rolls, cakes, and even some soft cheeses.

14. Line your pans with parchment paper before baking brownies and cakes to avoid a big mess to clean up afterwards!

15. Boil water before freezing it into ice cubes, and your cubes will be clear instead of cloudy.

16. Use empty Tic Tac containers to store spices, flavored salts, and taco seasonings.

17. Add marshmallows, an orange peel, or an apple slice to your airtight brown sugar container to keep it from clumping.

18. Grilling fish? Place sliced lemons directly on the grill, with the salmon on top. Not only will you have lemon-infused flavor, your fish won’t stick to the grill.

19. Use a waffle iron to cook things like eggs, cinnamon rolls, and even hash browns!

Do you have any kitchen hacks that save you time in the kitchen? Please share!

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