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Introducing the New Post Alpha-Bits Cereal

Skipping breakfast gets my day off to a sluggish start. I’m a firm believer in breakfast being the most important meal of the day. My oldest daughter is 17 and I’m always reminding her to grab a quick bite to eat before she leaves for school. With my youngest daughter, Bridget, I like to give her enough time to sit and eat her breakfast before school. A healthy breakfast is the best way to prepare for a full day of learning and fun. It’s much harder to focus if your tummy is growling.

I like quick and easy breakfasts for school days. Cereal is a popular choice in our home. One cereal my picky girls enjoy is Post Alpha-Bits which also happens to be a cereal I ate often as a child too!

With Post Alpha-Bits cereal, there is a story in every bowl. I remember trying to spell my name with the Alpha-Bits shapes. Bridget also spells out words with her cereal and then wants me to take a look. I don’t mind her “playing” with her food because she’s practicing her spelling. Who knew breakfast could be so creative?

alpha bits-1

I recently learned that Post Foods Canada Inc has revamped its Alpha-Bits cereal* with 40% less sugars than the original. It now contains 6 g of sugar per 1 cup. The original Alpha-Bits had 10 g of sugar per 1 cup serving. Plus, artificial colours have also been removed.

I was happy to hear this news! I read labels and am concerned about feeding my kids foods with too much sugar. It’s a tough balance sometimes because my kids don’t want to sacrifice taste either. It’s still made with whole grain and has the same great taste kids love.

Post Alpha-Bits cereal is a source of nine essential nutrients including iron, thiamin and fibre. It also has less sugars per serving** than any other leading competitive Sweet Kids cereal making it an excellent choice for parents and kids alike!

Alpha-Bits - Packaging #1

I’m glad that Post Foods has made these positive changes to give parents a healthier option for breakfasts. My kids love sweet cereals so you can bet I’ll be picking up Post Alpha-Bits cereal at my local grocery store. Look for the new Alpha-Bits cereal at your grocery store beginning this month!

Alpha-Bits - Packaging #2

Visit to learn more about the new Alpha-Bits. You’ll be able to read more in depth about the nutritional information. They also have many yummy recipes!

Do your kids enjoy Post Alpha-Bits cereal?

*New Alpha-Bits has 6 g of sugars per 1 cup (30 g) serving size compared to original Alpha-Bits with 10 g of sugars per 1 cup (30 g) serving size.

** New Alpha-Bits cereal has  6 g of sugars per 1 cup (30 g) serving vs. 9 g of sugars or more per stated serving size in the leading competitive brands in the Sweet Kids segment based on top 10 Franchise $ Share ranking in the L52weeks to August 22, 2015.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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