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33 Beautiful DIY Fall Wreaths

With summer vacation now behind us and school in full swing, it’s time to think about getting your home ready for fall. No, this topic isn’t practical, but it sure is pretty! Fall decorating – particularly fall wreaths. You can spend an arm and a leg and buy fancy schmancy wreath at a home decor store. Or you could make your own at home. I’m partial to the latter. Why buy one, when you can make one just as nice?

33 Beautiful DIY Fall Wreaths

DIY Fall Wreaths

With this selection of 33 beautiful DIY fall wreaths, you can do two things. Decorate your home in true fall fashion and have the satisfaction of knowing you created something stunning!

  1. DIY Fall Wreath
  2. Cork Wreath
  3. Fall Mesh Poly Deco Wreath
  4. Fall Decor Chevron Ribbon
  5. Fall Wreath
  6. Fall Wreath with Acorns
  7. Indian Corn Wreath DIY
  8. Yellow Paper Flower Tutorial
  9. Coffee Filter Fall Wreath
  10. Pine Cone Wreath
  11. Twig Wreath
  12. DIY Dry Apple Wreath
  13. Felt Ombre Wreath
  14. Pop Corn Kernel Wreath Tutorial
  15. Easy DIY Fall Wreath
  16. Acorn Fall Wreath
  17. Cinnamon Apple Wreath
  18. Fragrant Fruit Wreath
  19. Wheat Burst Wreath
  20. Gold and Orange Pumpkin Wreath
  21. DIY Heart and Apple Wreath
  22. DIY Autumn Pumpkin Wreath
  23. Fall Burlap and Lace Wreath
  24. DIY Paper Flower Fall Wreath
  25. Fall Wreath
  26. Fallin For Tulle Wreath
  27. DIY Fall Burlap Wreath
  28. DIY Felt Rosette Fall Wreath
  29. DIY Rustic Wreath
  30. Fall Leaf Monogram
  31. 5 Minute DIY Fall Wreath
  32. DIY Fall Owl Wreath Tutorial
  33. Thanksgiving Wreath 

I was at Michael’s last week and picked up a few fall decorations. My burlap roll arrived from Amazon this week too. I looked at Michaels and didn’t see any. Now to get creating!

Which of this fall wreaths catches your eye?

Stacie Vaughan

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