25 Creepy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

I can’t remember any year that I wore a mask for Halloween. They are hot, stuffy and smell weird. It’s makeup all the way for us. I love a good creepy costume with an equally Halloween makeup. Thank goodness for the Internet and its wealth of creepy Halloween makeup tutorials. Some of the ones I found are genius and truly scary. I’d freak out if one of these creatures showed up at my door!

If you’re still not sure what your costume will be this year, check out these 25 creepy Halloween makeup tutorials. Some of them look so realistic that I had to look away! I think it would be fun to try a few to see if you can recreate the same effect at home.

25 Creepy Halloween Makeup Tutorials - Get inspired with these 25 creepy Halloween makeup tutorials with supplies you probably already have on hand!

Creepy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Getting creative with creepy Halloween makeup can be done with just a few supplies, most you probably have on hand already!

  1. Zombie Makeup Tutorial
  2. Poison Ivy
  3. Sugar Skull Makeup Inspiration
  4. Headless Woman
  5. Zipper Face
  6. Lizard FX Face
  7. Ventriloquist Dummy
  8. Creepy Evil Dolls
  9. Fake Bruises and Burns Tutorial
  10. Weeping Nun Makeup Tutorial (Super creepy!)
  11. Vampire Queen
  12. Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)
  13. Harley Quinn
  14. Pretty Zombie Costume
  15. Bride of Chucky
  16. Porcelain Doll
  17. Victorian Goth Makeup Look
  18. Evil Princess
  19. Femme Joker
  20. Dark Fairy
  21. Werewolf
  22. Bloody Mary Makeup
  23. “All Eyes” (Tim Burton Inspired)
  24. Easy Goth Makeup
  25. Maleficent (Video)

Which one do you like the best? 

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