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21 Easy Pumpkin Decor Ideas for Fall

I was at Michael’s last week and their fall decor section is full of projects waiting to take shape. I’m partial to the craft pumpkins myself because there are SO MANY different things you can do with them. I have them sitting on my shelf above my buffet in my dining area waiting for me to decide what to do. I’ve done spray painted pumpkins before in a chevron design. However, I think this year, I’ll try something different. I’m not sure what yet though!

21 Easy Pumpkin Decor Ideas for Fall - Get inspired with these 21 easy pumpkin decor ideas for fall. Your home will look great and you won't have to spend a ton of money.

Pumpkin Decor Ideas

Thank goodness for Pinterest! What would we all do without Pinterest? I found a bunch of easy pumpkin decor ideas for fall that caught my eye. I’ve included the link to the Chevron Pumpkins I made a few years back too.

  1. Chevron Pumpkins
  2. Gold Leaf Pumpkins
  3. Arrow Pumpkins
  4. Thanksgiving Pumpkins
  5. No-Shed Glitter Dipped Pumpkin Centerpiece
  6. DIY Metallic Pumpkin Planter
  7. Bedazzled Pumpkins
  8. DIY Catherineholm Pumpkins
  9. Ombre Pumpkins
  10. DIY Gold Pumpkins
  11. Autumn Decoupage Pumpkin
  12. Nail Polish Pumpkin
  13. Gilded Faux Bois Pumpkin
  14. Copper Pumpkins
  15. Button Covered Pumpkin
  16. Starry Pumpkin
  17. Decorative Scrapbook Paper Pumpkins
  18. Splatter Paint Pumpkins
  19. DIY Paper Napkin Pumpkins
  20. DIY Menu Pumpkin
  21. Thumb Tack Pumpkin

Anddddddd I also have a Pumpkin Crafts Pinterest board. Check it out for even more pumpkin love.

Which of these pumpkin decor ideas do you like the best? 

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