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The Sale Price Trick Every Retailer Uses

How many times have you gone into a grocery store or retail shop only to be bombarded by signs that scream “Sale!”? You run over to the item, see a sale price and scoop it. Then you are on your merry way to the checkout lane and inside reveling that you’ve just gotten a great deal.

Congratulations. You just fell for the oldest retailer trick in the book. Don’t feel bad though. Millions of people just like you, myself included, fall for the same trick every day. What is the trick you ask? Using visuals and attention grabbing marketing materials to make you think that a sale is truly a sale.

Retailers have a regular habit of using sale marketing to make you think you’re getting an item for a lower price than you normally would. The reality is that you’re either not saving at all or you’re not saving as much as you think you are. It can be quite hard to look past the bright signs and sales ads to see the real cost of the item and your local grocery store relies on that to make their money. For some stores they may use a “buy x items and get it for this price,” Others, most times, just advertise the “sale” by itself.

The Sale Price Trick Every Retailer Uses

So how are you supposed to keep yourself from falling from this trick? The answer might be easier than you think.

Know your prices.

Whether you just make a price list or use a complete price book, knowing what a normal price is per item will allow you to know when the sale price is a true sale price or just a marketing tactic. You’ll want to keep track of the items name, regular price and price per unit. When a sale is advertised, you’ll be able to look at your book or list and determine whether you want to grab the items or not.

Knowing how to spot the sale trick is a surefire way to lower your grocery bill. Eventually, you’ll be able to spot the true cost right away which will not only save you money, but will also save you time spent shopping as well.

I fell for this tactic time and time again until I started paying attention to my shopping. Now, I scrutinize flyers and big bright ads and am getting much better at spotting a real deal vs. smoke and mirrors.

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How are you at spotting a “real” sale?

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