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New School Shoes from pediped


  1. They look like great shoes! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Great company, impressive shoes…..but Pediped doesn’t makes their giveaways easy. Finally one open to Canada and they have to make it instagram mandatory. No thanks.

    Just about given up on Pediped. Plenty other companies that are Canadian friendly.

  3. Your son looks adorable in his new shoes. They are quite stylish and I agree that they can be used for many occasions! I don’t have an instagram account so won’t be participating in the giveaway. Best wishes to your children for lots of fun for the rest of the summer and a good start to the school year!

  4. I hit enter on the tweet entry for Aug 20 too soon and Rafflecopter doesn’t let me amend it so here’s my tweet:

  5. I have never seen these before they look so nice . I have two grandsons that really could use a good pair of shoes . Hope I win yo get one a pair eoiuld be a relief for either one SD they /parents are low on money . Either way love the look.

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