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Organizing Your Bathroom on a Budget

Keeping your bathroom organized can be a feat sometimes. Between showers and daily beauty regimes, the amount of product that most of us try to keep in that one tiny little room can be overwhelming sometimes. Organizing your bathroom on a budget is very easy to do with a little creativity.

Organizing your bathroom on a budget is super simple with these tips!

Organizing Your Bathroom on a Budget

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1. Mason Jars. Mason jars without lids are great for storing things like cotton swabs, cotton balls, small hair clips and more. Stack them in a row for easy access.

2. Roll them up. Instead of folding your towels, roll them up width wise. You’ll save space and your towels will present a more organized and well put together look overall.

3. Put the door to good use. Use an over the door organizer to keep things like beauty supplies and beauty tools handy. This works very well for things like curling irons, brushes and more.

4. Wood crates. Grab some inexpensive wood crates and attach them to the wall by the bottom of the crate. You’ll create instant and easily accessible storage.

5. Purge. Our bathrooms tend to be full of items that we either don’t use or only use sparingly. Purge these items and you’ll be surprised at just how much of the clutter is gone. Also, check the expiration dates on the products you plan to keep.

6. Consolidate. If your bathroom includes a bunch of half full bottles of shampoo, conditioner or the like, consolidate them all into one bottle of each brand or scent. This way you won’t be dealing with a ton of different bottles. If scent doesn’t matter to you, you can just toss them all into the same bottle, but doing it by scent or brand will be best if it does matter.

7. Cleaning caddy. Just like with the kitchen, we typically only use 2-3 products to clean our bathrooms. Remove any extra cleaning supplies and put the ones you will use into a cleaning caddy. (Or use the kitchen one if it has room. You can always carry it from room to room if you need to.)

8. Remove the hamper. I know this sounds like a bad idea, but one of the reasons that a bathroom can look cluttered and unorganized when it’s not is because of an overflowing laundry hamper. Remove yours and put it into the laundry room  andthen have everyone take their dirty clothes into it. Your bathroom will look (and likely smell) much better with that one simple step.

The bathroom of your home is an area can easily look like its overrun because it is typically smaller than other rooms. Keeping it neat and tidy is the best way to make it look organized. Out of sight, out of mind really does apply here. Use the space you have to maximize the storage and your bathroom will stay organized.

How do you keep your bathroom organized?

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