International Cat Day

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August 8th is International Cat Day! As a mom of three beautiful cats, I will be celebrating with Princess, Misty and Reggie. I love these three crazy fur babies.

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Did you know that Canadians own more cats than dogs? 37% of Canadians own one or more cats while 32% own a dog. Both types of pets are considered part of the family.

I found it interesting to learn that dog owners believe that their pets improve physical health while cat owners believe their pets improve mental health. Makes sense. All the dogs I’ve known have loved going for walks, playing fetch and running around the yard. Cats, on the other hand, do not like going for walks and prefer to snuggle, when it suits them, of course! We tried to walk Reggie around the yard and it didn’t go so well. I can’t see us being able to take him for a walk anytime soon.

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People around the world love cats! Here’s proof:

Cat cafés. Cities around the world including one in Montreal are opening up cat cafés where you can stop for a coffee and enjoy the company of the resident cats.

Endless stream of cat videos. Search on YouTube for cat videos and you’ll find loads of results! Some North American shelters are even hosting cat-themed festivals showcasing cat videos for a good cause. My fave on YouTube is Maru.

A-List Cat Celebrities. I’m sure you’ve heard of Grumpy Cat by now. She’s an Internet sensation with published books, awards and even was featured on the cover of New York Magazine. She has over 7 million likes on Facebook! I’ve been a fan for years.

Some other cats I suggest you follow as well are Nathan and Pippin, Lil Bub, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Pudge, Rudy Rocks and Pompous Albert.

The makers of Arm & Hammer are also celebrating International Cat Day! They want to make sure your cat is well taken care of to celebrate this pawsitively festive day.

My cats love a clean litter box and it’s always a race to see who can get in there first to do their business after I clean it. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Complete Odour Sealing Cat Litter works great for our three cats. It provides a 7-day odour-free home which is good news for me and the cats! I recommend using a good litter because cats can be pretty ripe! Reggie is the worst for stinking up the basement. I notice a difference when I use another litter.


This revolutionary formula seals and destroys odours before they can leave the litter box. Plus, it’s derived from plants to create rock hard clumps for easy scooping. It also has fine micro-particles to ensure ultra-low dust when pouring or scooping. This means no big dust clouds spread litter everywhere! That reminds me I need to pick up more cat litter. We go through a lot in our home!

Will you be celebrating International Cat Day?

Stacie Vaughan

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