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4 Basic Tips for Using Coupons

If you’re new to using coupons, you may find yourself really confused on how to get started or where to go next. Don’t overwhelm yourself. When you take it all back to the basics, couponing is simple. These four basic tips for using coupons are where you should start. If you’re a veteran coupon user, don’t overlook them. A reminder is never a bad thing.

4 Basic Tips for Using Coupons

The premise of coupons

When you take everything out of the process, couponing is about doing one very simple thing – matching sales with the coupons you have. If you take everything else out of it, this is what you are left with. When you first start using them on a regular basis, do yourself a favour. Get comfortable just matching what you currently have with what they’re offering. Don’t worry about anything else until you’re absolutely comfortable with your couponing skills.

Learn the policies

Your store’s coupon policies are there for a reason and not following them can make your couponing life hard. Before you even start your couponing journey, familiarize yourself with what your stores will allow and won’t allow. Print out the policies and keep them with you as well.

Put a limit on yourself

The biggest way that couponers can cost themselves more money than they should is by not putting limits on themselves and their spending. Limit yourself to only buying items that your family can use within a reasonable amount of time and stop yourself from buying products “just to get the deal.” All that will do is cause you to spend more money than you need and fill your home with wasteful products.

Stay Organized

Couponing as a whole requires sorting, clipping and filing. Even if you use the whole insert storage method, you still have to file them and clip when you’re ready to shop. One of the biggest things that you can do for your couponing life is to stay on top of things. Even getting a couple of weeks behind can cause you to become overwhelmed quickly. Keeping your coupons in a binder, file box or file folder will help you stay organized and know what coupons you have so that you don’t miss ade deal.

The absolute biggest piece of advice that I can give new and old couponers alike is this: Don’t make it bigger than it needs to be. There will always be another deal and there will always be another coupon. Keep your couponing realistic and follow the tips above and couponing will do exactly what you want it to do for your family – save you money.

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How do you use coupons?

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