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Organizing Your Office on a Budget

If you work from home, you already know that your office should be a neat and organized place to work from, but unfortunately that just doesn’t happen. Often we find that our desks are cluttered, files can get shuffled around and lost or worse. Fortunately, keeping our offices organized on a budget is simple to do once you have the initial set-up completed.

Organizing Your Office on a Budget - be more productive with a clean and organized space!

Organizing Your Office on a Budget

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Tip 1. Use storage boxes. To organize your files in a budget friendly way, pick up a few file storage boxes. You can generally get them for under $10 each and they’re a great way to keep paperwork organized. Another great way to keep files that you use on a regular basis neat is to make magazine style holders out of cereal boxes. You can make each one for under $1.00 each and a little bit of your time. Scrapbook paper, card stock and Modge Podge are all you’ll need. Cut the tops off of the boxes and the sides at even angles leaving a lip in front. Add your decorations and let dry completely. Just be sure to shred any files that you may no longer need.

Tip 2. Use a corkboard for wall storage. A cheap corkboard can be purchased (or made) for a decent price too. If you want to pretty it up, attach scrapbook paper or contact paper (for shelves) to it and let dry completely. Paint the frame and you’ve got a custom-made corkboard.

Tip 3. Repurpose pantry items for storage. For office supplies, you can dress up soup cans and food boxes to create easy storage. Rinse cans completely and cover in scrapbook paper or fabric scraps to match your décor. Be sure that the top edge isn’t sharp when you do this or you could easily cut yourself.

Tip 4. DIY your bookshelf. To spruce up a bookshelf, contact paper can be used along the bottom of the shelves or the back of the bookcase. If you don’t have one, you can pick up the wood pretty cheap at your local home improvement store and even have them cut it to your specifications! Paint each piece for a finished look or leave it raw for a rustic look then attach to the walls using budget friendly brackets.

Tip 5. Use a letter tray for paper clutter. To keep your desk top neat and tidy, grab a letter tray. They’re really affordable and easy to manage. For desk drawers, you can again, cut cardboard food boxes and decorate to create storage inside of them as well.

Tip 6. Make your own whiteboard. If you need to use a whiteboard, you can make a nifty one for less than you can buy one. Purchase a large window from a second hand home store (or post in your local Facebook groups), frame with pallet wood and hang. Use dry erase markers on it just like you would a dry erase board. Clean with rubbing alcohol or window cleaner and a soft towel.

When your office is clean and tidy, you’ll find that you get so much more work accomplished than you do with a cluttered one. Clutter is bad for our minds (cluttered home usually equals cluttered mind) so it makes sense that it would help you be more productive. Getting crafty is perfect for organizing your office and these tips are just the beginning!

Is your home office organized the way you like?

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