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Organizing Closets on a Budget

Closets are definitely the dumping ground of dumping grounds inside of your home. The garage rules this land outside of the four walls, but inside? The closet is king. Most of us have closet upon closet that could use a good cleaning out and organizing.

Organizing Closets on a Budget - Make this big job a whole lot easier and affordable with these six simple tips!

Organizing Closets on a Budget

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Tip 1. Donate, Toss or Keep. To start, you’ll need to go through everything in the closet. You can’t organize anything if you’re trying to keep everything that is there. Scaling back is good for you – remember that! Once everything is sorted, you can work on putting it all back in an organized manner.

Tip 2. Use the door for storage. An over the door storage organizer will help you keep small items in check without using hardly any space. This works well for things like shoes (obviously), small books, health & beauty aids and more.

Tip 3. Organize like items in baskets. Use baskets (purchase inexpensively at the dollar store) to separate out anything that goes into a set or is a “like” item (for instance, shampoo with shampoo or card games with card games). Be sure to label the front of the baskets so you can quickly see what is in them.

Tip 4. Put your blankets in vacuum bags. For things like blankets or other seasonal items, vacuum bags are fantastic! You can vacuum them down in size and they’re protected from water and any critters that may come knocking.

Tip 5. Stack bigger items neatly, like with like. Items that are too big to store in baskets or bags can just be stacked neatly. The key to keeping these items organized though is to group like with like and to make certain they all get put back where they are supposed to be when they’re used.

Tip 6. A closet organizer helps make the most of space. If the closet you’re organizing is the one your everyday clothes hang in, consider purchasing a closet organization system. Rubbermaid makes one that can be customized in quite a few different ways to fit your needs. While this purchase will cost you more, it will also save you big in time and we all know that time is money.

Keeping your closets organized will always be an ongoing battle, but the rewards of doing so? They’re well worth the trouble. Another plus is you don’t get hit in the head by falling debris when you open the closet door! Yep, that’s happened to me.

Do you have a closet in your home that needs organizing?

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