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Join the #CarefreeContest Twitter Hack Chat on July 23!

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Growing older has its perks! I’m a believer in learning something new every day. With the help of the Internet, it’s not a hard thing to do. The Internet is full of life hacks and many of them I now use on a regular basis to make life easier because that’s the purpose of a life hack, right?

My dad taught me one of my very first life hacks about 20 years ago on a trip to Arizona for his work. Our suitcases were black and boring and he said the best way to make them stand out on the luggage carousel at the airport is to tie something bright to the handle. We tied orange garbage bags on them and it made them so easy to spot. To this day, any time I travel on a plane, I find something bright like a scarf or bag to tie on my luggage. It works like a charm!

Want to learn more life hacks? I know I do. Join us next week at the #CarefreeContest Twitter Hack Chat where we’ll be talking about our go-to life hacks. You’ll also have a chance to win some pretty sweet prizes!

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Party Details

And yes, there will be prizes – $750 worth! 5 lucky winners will win prize packs with Stayfree and Carefree products, a tumbler and an MP3 player (ARV $100).

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The Grand Prize package includes $100 Pre-paid Gift Card, MP3 player, throw pillow and Carefree and Stayfree products (ARV $250).

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Follow @carefree_ca and visit Whispered Inspirations to RSVP for the party! Can’t wait to tweet with you on Thursday!

Contest Alert

Wait! I’ve got one more thing to share before you go today. @carefree_ca will be running a contest starting July 27th through August 8th where they’ll be giving away weekly prizes! Make sure to follow on Twitter and keep an eye out for the weekly questions to enter to win.

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