How to Get Beautiful Summer Skin

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Hot summer weather means family barbecues, trips to the beach and pool parties. These activities are fun, but they also mean a little extra prep on your part. In the winter months, you can hide behind layers of clothes and nobody would ever know if you shaved your legs or armpits. Depending on the person, you may be able to even pull off not wearing a bra! In the summer months, everything is on display. People will notice if you don’t shave your legs for a month, at least for me I know they would!

Thankfully, it’s not that hard to get your skin ready for summer and looking fabulous. Look good and you’ll feel good too. Here are four simple ways to have beautiful summer skin.

How to Get Beautiful Summer Skin - 4 easy tips to prepping your skin for the sunshine!

How to Get Beautiful Summer Skin

1. Exfoliate. This crucial step in your shower routine gets rid of dry, dead skin and helps it to look fresh and bright. When I was getting my legs waxed in NS, the esthetician said to make sure that I exfoliated at least once a week to help prevent ingrown hairs. I loved how smooth my skin feels after I exfoliate.

2. De-fuzz. I love to wax in the summer because the hair doesn’t come back as quickly as with shaving. However, I don’t like paying for expensive salon appointments. I haven’t gone in a couple years! They now have great waxing kits you can do at home that are easy to use and mess free. Try Nair Cire Divine Moroccan Argan Oil Wax if you want to try a good quality waxing kit that works. It’s simple to use for people who have never waxed before. It has a microwavable resin wax that adheres to the hair (as short as 2 mm) while sticking less to the skin so it’s not as uncomfortable. It’s ultra moisturizing and will leave you with smooth, hair-free skin for up to four weeks.

How to Get Beautiful Summer Skin - 4 easy tips to prepping your skin for the sunshine!

3. Moisturize. This step is a must every day for soft skin. Moisturizing helps your skin look and feel younger. It also helps keep it hydrated which is just as important in the summer months. I moisturize after my shower and love how my skin feels and smells!

4. Summer Glow. Instead of sitting out the sun for hours, use a tinted moisturizer for a subtle natural glow. It’s much safer and you won’t get burned!

What are your tips and tricks for smooth summer skin?

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