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7 Tips to Declutter Your Kids’ Rooms

Decluttering kids’ rooms can be a nightmare! Just thinking about all the stuffed animals, papers from school, building blocks (ouch!)… anxiety goes through the roof thinking about having to walk in and direct the cleanup efforts. I think both my girls own twice as much stuff as me. Bridget’s room seems to be in a perpetual mess because of all the clutter. It’s no wonder that the thought of cleaning it up makes me tired. However, something had to give and we were both up for the challenge.

7 Tips to Declutter Your Kids' Rooms - Does your child's room look like a disaster zone? Try these tips and get the job done in no time!

Use these organization tips to help ease that anxiety and stress that goes along with all that cleaning and organizing you plan to do.

1. Set goals. This will depend on the age of your kids, and how involved you expect them to be in the process. Is your goal to declutter and get organized? To downsize? To get rid of pretty much everything and start with a clean slate? Figure out what it is you want to accomplish on this decluttering mission, and go from there.

2. No matter what your goal, start with baby steps. Even the Fly Lady knows that baby steps are the way to go. Grab a few trash bags, and throw all of the trash away.

3. Piles come next. At this point, your child should be prioritizing what they’d like to keep, donate, and throw away. Clothes in one pile, books in one, toys in another. If you’re going to use containers for things like building blocks, dolls, etc, then you can separate them into even smaller piles. This makes it easier for kids to help, too.

4. Grab another bag for donations. Whether they’re outgrown clothes, or books the kids have read a million times, some stuff is going to be donated. Less is more, so think about that when grabbing each item and deciding what to do with it.

5. It’s okay to keep sentimental items, but it’s not okay to hoard them. In the process of downsizing, consider scanning some of the photos and drawings. You can save them on a disk, or back them up online with cloud storage. Not ready to go digital quite yet? Stock up on sheet protectors and put everything in binders. Label them by year, or even by kid. Try these tips for decluttering sentimental objects if you get hung up.

6. Focus on progress. If your child’s room is an absolute disaster area, it’s going to take some time to clean it all up. Focus on the positive instead of the negative, so you don’t get discouraged and give up.

7. Make organizing fun with these neat tricks:

At the end of the day, we all know that a kid’s room isn’t going to be spotless. However, minimizing clutter and maximizing storage space by using the creative hacks above will encourage your child to be more responsible for their belongings.

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