Summer Bucket List for Teens

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a teenager myself. I remember anxiously anticipating summer vacation and was SO READY for the fun to begin. Some of my best memories are from those crazy summer days in the mid 90’s. Now I’m the mom of a teen girl and I hope that she can look back on her teen years and remember some amazing times. Of course, I want it to be good, clean fun!

I’ve come up with a summer bucket list for teens with my teenage daughter in mind. Heck, I’d even like to do some of the activities on this list. Who wants to help me build a blanket fort?!
Summer Bucket List for Teens - activities, crafts, and other fun ideas to make this the best summer yet!

Summer Bucket List for Teens

1. Turn a t-shirt into a pillow.
2. DIY the heck out of your jeans.
3. Make a custom phone case.
4. Go ziplining.
5. Get crafty with thumb tacks. Yep. Thumb tacks!
6. Craft a totally hipster duck tape suitcase.
7. Rock a baseball string bracelet.
8. Make some galaxy print t-shirts.
9. Get crazy with sharpies.
10. Build a blanket fort. Outside. Then sleep in it.
11. Craft a no-sew skirt.
12. Carry a cool book purse.
13. Go old school with some super hero magnets.
14. Make your friends jealous of your DIY Studded Converse.
15. Sweeten your lips with lip gloss you make yourself.
16. DIY yourself a celtic heart knot necklace.
17. I love these alcohol ink necklaces, too!
18. Cuff your ear in style.
19. Chomp on some twisted pretzel bites.
20. Visit a big city, like New York,
21. … or the beach.
22. Play some night time flash light games.
23. Get back to basics with board games.
24. Plan an Amazing Race party.
25. Oh, and don’t forget to chalk your hair.

My teen daughter approves of this list! I think there is enough here to keep her busy all summer long. Here’s to a fun summer with long lasting memories!

What else would you put on a summer bucket list for teens?

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