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Scent is subjective in a few different ways. For starters, it’s a matter of personal preference. I may adore the smell of fresh flowers while the next person can’t stand anything floral. Secondly, the same fragrance on me may not smell the same on you. It’s so personal and you have to develop your own unique scent style based on what you like and what smells good on your body to YOU.

In the past, I’ve gone through a variety of fragrance phrases. I sported the now classic Exclamation perfume as a young teen growing up in the early 90s. Then I went through a phase where it had to be something vanilla scented or I wouldn’t wear it. As a young adult, I moved onto the musk scents with a hint of vanilla. Lately, I’ve been in limbo in finding that perfect scent that suits me these days. However, I recently learned about Scent Trunk and I think they can help me discover my signature scent!

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Scent Trunk is a tailored fragrance subscription with a unique offering to its subscribers. Every month they send out three niche cologne or perfume samples based on the subscriber’s scent profile. Think of them like the Netflix of fragrance! I love that they have such a niche focus and help their customers discover new fragrances and find ones that truly fit their own individual personalities.

When you first join Scent Trunk, you’ll be prompted to fill out your scent profile. This survey helps the folks at Scent Trunk know what kind of perfumes (or colognes) to send to you. They love when you leave ratings or reviews to help them improve their boxes and encourage people to update their scent profile.

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My shipment contained three unique fragrances in a satchel, cards with info about the fragrances, and some scent strip paper to test out the fragrance.

The fragrances are from luxury perfume houses from brands that have been around for centuries to new indie brands who hand-pour each sample. I think it’s a great way to be introduced to fragrances you probably never would have heard about if you just shop at your local department store. The fragrances they sent me were ones that I hadn’t tried or even heard about before.

Here’s a peek at the fragrances in my personal Scent Trunk!

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I mentioned that I loved musk in my scent profile so was happy to see musk bass notes in all my samples. Even still, each fragrance was so unique!  Pink Peony by Note Fragrances is my favourite of three and I’ve been wearing it for the last week. It’s soft and feminine. A full bottle can be purchased for $74.00.

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Ciel Woman by Amouage was my second favourite. It was a little stronger than the Pink Peony, but also very pretty. It retails for $300 for a 3.4 oz bottle.

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I found Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids to be a little too strong for me for day-to-day wear. I prefer softer, lighter fragrances. I would wear on on an evening out or a special occasion. It’s an indie fragrance and retails for $65.

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I like that Scent Trunk sends a sample size (ranging from 1 ml to 3 ml). This way when you find one you adore, you can purchase the full sized bottle from their online shop. It’s hard to tell sometimes trying on perfume at a department store. I usually like to wait a few hours to see how it will smell on me. If you spray, sniff and buy right away, you could end up deciding that the fragrance isn’t right for you and the bottle (and money) is wasted. Plus, I can give the sample sized scents that aren’t for me to my sisters and my mom and maybe they might like it.

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Scent Trunk also gives some important advice to people new to fragrance. They suggest spraying the fragrance first on a clean, white paper or the scent strips that they send you in your shipment. The first thing you’ll smell is the top notes. Then as the fragrance wears, you’ll notice the middle and base notes. They recommend giving the fragrance a chance before you judge whether you like it or not. Spray and walk away and then smell a little later. I could see what they meant about the middle and bass notes after testing it out! Check out their post about how to apply fragrance to learn more. They also have a Scent School to learn more about fragrance and help you learn from the best!

Subscribe to Scent Trunk for $18 USD/month with 3 scents/box. Shipping is FREE in USA and Canada. Choose from Women’s Men’s and Unisex boxes. I would be delighted if someone were to buy me a Scent Trunk subscription as a gift. In fact, I know my sisters and mom would love a subscription here.

I was wondering what happens when you find the perfect scent that you simply must wear all the time. Then what? Scent Trunk has an online shop where you can buy full sized bottles of the fragrances. Once you find your signature fragrance, buy it there – easy peasy.

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What are you favourite scents?

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