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When you first meet someone, what is the first thing you notice? Eyes? Smile? Teeth? For me, I take in the whole picture, but always notice their nails! I’ll admire well-kept, healthy nails and sometimes be a little envious. My own nails are so short from years of being a nail biter. I must fix that!

With summer finally here, more fingers and toes will be on display, mine included. It’s important to me to have my nails looking their best just in case other people are noticing them too. If you are like me and want your nails to be beautiful, healthy and strong, pay attention. I’ve got just what you are looking for! Get ready to impress with Trind’s lineup of nail care products. They can help you restore your nails and make them strong, healthy and beautiful.

Unfortunately, many factors can wreak havoc on on the health of our nails. Even just everyday wear can take its toll! Then there’s environmental factors, diet, age, toxins in the environment and repeated use of gels and acrylic to think about. All these issues can contribute to damaged, dry and brittle nails. I think it’s fabulous that Trind has this lineup of restorative products to help.

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Get the summer off to a great start with these three Trind restorative products: Trind Nail Repair, Trind Nail Revive and Trind Nail Restorer. They help to restore the natural balance of protein and moisture and repair any damage or weakness right down to your nail bed.

Trind Nail Repair. A nail strengthener that repairs damaged or weakened nails with its “extra-strength” formulation. Your nails will be stronger and healthier in as little as two weeks. Apply it like you would a polish and it will dry with a glossy finish. Use it with Trind Nail Balsam to give your nails the ultimate pampering.

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Trind Nail Revive. This formaldehyde-free nail strengthener gets to work right away on weak, brittle nails. It strengthens nails and leaves them flexible so they don’t split or chip. If your nails are thin or damaged, this is a great product to try. It is applied like regular nail polish and can also be combined with Trind Nail Balsam for the ultimate experience.

Trind Keratin Nail Restorer. An extra-mild moisturizing and strengthening treatment perfect for people who have weak or damaged nails and want a gentler solution. It contains a high concentration of the protein, Keratin, which helps to restore and strengthen nails. If you have sensitive nails that have been damaged after repeat use of acrylics, gels or artificial nails, this is a good product to try to repair the damage, keep your nails flexible and allow them to continue to grow. Use with Trind Nail Protector to add a layer of protection and acts as the perfect basecoat for your favourite Caring Colors polish.

With these Trind top sellers, you’ll see guaranteed results in as little as two weeks! Summer has just started so don’t delay and try out these products for beautiful, healthy nails.

After you’ve restored your nails back to health, it’s time to pretty them up with a pop of colour! I adore these gorgeous Trind Caring Color polishes. The colours are so vibrant and fresh. I think it’s time for a summer manicure. What do you think?

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Disclosure: I received product and compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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