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I cringe when I think back to the days I used the same password for every website I joined. My logic was that I needed to keep it simple or I’d never remember my passwords. My eyes are open now and I’ve seen the error of my ways. Now, I have a different password for every site and they are ones that there is no way I’d ever remember off the top of my head. I rely on a Password Organizer to keep track of everything. Frankly, I’d be lost without it!

Password Organizer Printable - keep track of all your website passwords with this free printable!Password Organizer Printable

I was writing down the passwords on scraps of paper, but then I was losing them left and right. I moved to a notebook and it was an improvement. Then when I started working on my Household Binder to organize my life, I thought I’ll make a Password Organizer printable to record everything.

It’s been working like charm! And good news, I’ve got one to share with you too, for FREE.

Password Organizer Printable - keep track of all your website passwords with this free printable!Download this free Password Organizer printable to your computer and print it out at home. Record all your important passwords websites you visit frequently and ones you only go to once in awhile. I keep a copy with me at my desk so it’s within easy reach when I need to look one up.

Before you go, check out this helpful post listing the top 50 passwords you should never use. Make sure none of your passwords are on this list. If you find some that you use, change them now! Don’t wait!

And it terms of choosing a strong password, remember the longer the password, the stronger it is.

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How do you keep track of your passwords?

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