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June Nerd Block Jr.

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I would have loved having a monthly delivery from Nerd Block Jr. when I was growing up! I was always the one to get the mail from the mailbox and I’d look through to make sure there wasn’t anything for me. I had penpals from all over the world and my dad spent a fortune sending out all my letters. I didn’t get many parcels because back then online shopping wasn’t a thing. Times sure have changed, haven’t they? Now, I email instead of write so I don’t get many letters, but parcels have increased thanks to the world wide web!

My daughter has been receiving monthly shipments from Nerd Block Jr. for the last several months. She always looks forward to that purple box being left at our door. Check out what was inside June’s Nerd Block Jr. for girls shipment!

nerd block june-1

The neat thing about Nerd Block Jr. is that you never know what surprises lie inside until you open up the box!

A Minions comic book and it’s #1 in the series.

nerd block june-2

Hello Kitty Magic Paint Posters for my daughter to allow her creative side to shine. Just dip the paint brush in a little bit of water and create a masterpiece.nerd block june-3

I’m ok with her getting a tattoo as long as it’s just one of these Hello Kitty Glitter Tattoos! Heck I might even put one on too…

nerd block june-4

I had My Little Pony growing up, but they were a little different than this My Little Pony POP Style Kit.

nerd block june-5

Here’s a cute little collectible from DC Comics: a Batman figurine and sticker. John actually wants to keep this one for his collection. He may be 40 years old now, but he’s still a kid at heart.

nerd block june-6

Last but not least, is this Littlest Pet Shop Backstage Beauties featuring Lulu Von Muttson and Dania Duncan. Bridget has a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop toys already and this stylish duo was a welcome addition.

nerd block june-7

Think your little one would like a Nerd Block Jr. subscription too? They are geared towards kids age 6 to 11 years old and you can choose to receive the boy or girl Nerd Block Jr.  They ship out on the 15th of every month for a cost of $13.99. If you prepay a few months, you get a discount. Enjoy!

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