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Join the #CDNmoney Chat on June 9th with Scotiabank!

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I would definitely call myself a “saver”, but I wasn’t always this way! I struggled for years living pay cheque to pay cheque and always worried that an unexpected expense could put me into a world of financial stress. I started slowly saving what I could and saw that income grow. I wanted an emergency fund for “just in case”. It’s also helped to relieve some of my worries since I know the money is there if I need it. Until then, it’s safe and earning interest.

I’m looking forward to the #CDNmoney chat on Tuesday, June 9th. We’ll be chatting about saving money with Scotiabank and learning more about their new Scotiabank Momentum Savings account. I can’t wait to hear all about it. It’s a unique, high-interest savings account that automatically rewards you for saving money. My friend, Hollie, at Common Cents Mom wrote about this new incentive to save.

This account is a great incentive to encourage people to save. Whether you are already a saver or want to become one, it can help. Open an account by June 15th to take advantage of their fantastic introductory offer.

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#CDNmoney Chat

Join us for the #CDNmoney chat on June 9th at 7 pm EST. We’ll be talking about savings with Scotiabank!


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