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Getting a manicure at a salon is a treat and I rarely go anymore. I just can’t justify the cost. I love the look of pretty, kept nails, but don’t love the expense that goes with it. I’ve seen Jamberry Nails online for a couple years and have been intrigued by the idea. I wondered how they work and would compare to the regular ol’ painting your nails at home approach. I recently had a chance to try out Jamberry Nails and have been so impressed. They are not only easy to put on, but they also look great!

Alicia Sherman, a Jamberry Independent Consultant, approached me to see if I’d be interested in trying out a couple sets of Jamberry Nails. Curiosity got the best of me and I agreed. She sent me over a set of Mint Green Chevron and Oh Canada. The latter will be perfect to wear on Canada Day or anytime I want to show my Canadian pride.


Each sheet comes with 18 Jamberry nail wraps in various sizes to fit your fingernails and toenails. Alicia sent me with instructions on how to apply the nail wraps. The videos were very helpful and I was surprised how easy it was to do.


Before you apply your Jamberry nail wraps, set out a few tools – rubbing alcohol, blow dryer, nail file/nail clippers and small nail scissors. Prep your nails first by pushing back cuticles and cleaning them with rubbing alcohol. I’m right handed so I worked on my left hand first.


Match up your nail to the nail wrap that is the best fit. Then peel off the nail wrap and warm the adhesive with the a blow dryer till its flexible and soft. On my blow dryer, I had to put it on high to get it to heat up properly. Once it’s warm, press the nail wrap onto your nail and apply firm pressure.


Trim any excess with nail scissors and file off any remaining wrap with a nail file in a downward motion. Lastly, apply heat from the blow dryer again to bond it to the nail. That’s it!


John had to help me trim the excess off my right hand because I couldn’t properly cut with my left hand.

My first try was with the Oh Canada Nail Wraps. It wasn’t 100% perfect because I was nervous, but I think they turned out ok! My second time I used the Chevron pattern wraps and noticed the process was a lot smoother. I think with practice the application gets easier.


There is NO WAY I’d ever be able to paint nails in these cool designs. I’m lucky if I can paint my nails and not get the polish everywhere. Jamberry nail wraps are a lot less of mess and let me sport some funky designs. I love these chevron nails!

On fingernails, the nail wraps can last up to two weeks and up to four weeks on toes. I use my hands a lot for cleaning and typing on the computer. Normally, regular nail polish chips after a couple days. The nail wraps are lasting me a lot longer.

The removal process is also fairly simple. First break the seal of the wrap with your thumb and soak in nail polish remover for 20 to 30 seconds. Then gently peel the wrap from side to side.

Make sure you check out all the designs! There are SO many that I want. Search by category, colour and finishes. Take a peek around through my Jamberry Nails party page! If you want to host a party of your own, contact Alicia to set up and earn Hostess Rewards.

For any questions about Jamberry Nails, please contact Alicia Sherman at [email protected]

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