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Shopping at the World’s Biggest Giant Tiger

My hometown, Pembroke, Ontario, is home to the world’s biggest Giant Tiger store. Who knew? I didn’t until recently. I knew we had a big store here, but I didn’t realize that it was the biggest.

I shop at Giant Tiger every week for groceries because they always have great sales. On my shopping list this week at Giant Tiger is the Cottonelle Ultra Luxe Toilet Paper (12 rolls) on for $3.97. I combined it with a $1 off coupon and $1 off at Snap by Groupon and got it for $1.97. Pretty sweet deal!

giant tiger-8

Giant Tiger in Pembroke has been undergoing some extension renovations. I’ve been watching their progress every week and was excited to see how it would look when it was completed. That day has come. Tomorrow, Saturday, June 6th, is the grand opening celebration. My mom and I went there today to check it out. And wow, it’s really something!

The store is bright, organized and has loads of room for customers to shop comfortably. They also have a few new in-store features!

GT Eats is a new self-serve cafe for customers to pick up a snack, cold drink or coffee.

giant tiger-1

Then sit down and enjoy your beverage and snack in the comfortable seating area. They even have charging stations for your mobile devices. Oh and did I mention free Wifi? Yep, they have that too. Algonquin College is a short walk away so I imagine this spot will be popular with students too.

giant tiger-3

At Financial Services, you can cash a cheque, send money via Western Union, fax or photocopy paperwork, and more. Non-profit organizations can rent out Giant Tiger’s meeting room for free.

giant tiger-2

My mom and I were here to shop for clothes for me. I’d recently lost weight and most of my clothes no longer it me properly. I was tired of constantly hoisting up my pants! Giant Tiger has a large selection of women’s clothes at excellent prices! You can get a whole new wardrobe here without breaking the bank.

giant tiger-4

I snapped a quick photo of these adorable bags. Aren’t they cute?

giant tiger-5

Grab a pair (or two) of these flip flops for $5 – perfect for the beach this summer!

giant tiger-6

Like it says, you really do save on everything here.

giant tiger-7

I spent a good hour trying on clothes! I ended up buying nine tops and four pairs of pants/capris. I spent a grand total of $118.66, taxes included.

giant tiger-9

A few of the shirts were only $5 each. I picked up several in different colours.

giant tiger-10

I think I did pretty well and consider the trip a huge success. My mom was a big help and I’m glad she came to give me her opinion on the outfits.

giant tiger-11

If you are in the Pembroke area, head down to Giant Tiger tomorrow (June 6th) for their grand opening celebration. They’ll have a charity BBQ  with proceeds going towards The War Horse Project, performances by local artists, Merranda and Alyssa. Plus, you can try out some treats at GT Eats and check out the new store. It should be a fun time for everyone!

Disclosure: I received a gift card to facilitate this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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