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Cleaning Made Easy with Endurance BioBarrier

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I realized this past winter that I needed a new living room window. For starters, there was constant condensation and I was always wiping up puddles. Then I noticed mold…ew. I wanted to rip out the window in the dead of winter, but John talked me out of it. Unfortunately, I have to wait a bit longer until my budget allows me to upgrade. Until that time, I’ll have to keep it clean and get rid of the disgusting mold. And I have!

I’ve introduced two new (to me) products in my cleaning arsenal: Endurance BioBarrier Mold & Grime Cleaner Prep and Endurance BioBarrier Mold and Mildew Prevention Spray. They were exactly what I needed to handle my gross window issue.

The first step is using Endurance BioBarrier Mold & Grime Cleaner Prep. It destroys mold and mildew cells and spores in addition to removing dirt, grease and grime. I like that its non-toxic and safe for pets (and people & pets). My cats are nosy and like to hang out in the window checking everyone out in the neighbourhood. I wouldn’t use a cleaning product that wasn’t safe for them.

The formula is water-based, biodegradeable with no VOCs, bleach or triclosan. I didn’t even notice a smell when I was using it. It works on both indoor and outdoor surfaces like tile, grout, drywall, floors, cement, bricks, siding, roofing, wood, plastic, metal and glass. I used it on my window ledge and also in our bathtub on the tiles.

To use, just spray it on the surface you want to clean and let it sit for about 5 minutes. The directions say you can leave it for 15 minutes if you’ve got a big job. I sprayed it on the window and then went and did a bit of laundry. Then when I was done I was ready to wipe it off.


I wet a rag with a bit of water so it was damp and then wiped off the window ledge. The mildew came off in the first swipe and didn’t leave a residue. It also made them look so clean and white. Too bad my paint wasn’t chipping there, but what can do you do?


Bye bye mess. I will NOT miss you.

Step two is key to guarantee long-lasting protection from regrowth of mold and mildew. I don’t want to have to be doing this every week. I sprayed down the surface with Endurance BioBarrier Mold Prevention Spray. Just one application will protect you through 100’s of wet-dry cycles. That’s great news because, like I mentioned, you don’t want to have to be doing this every week!

It’s backed by a guarantee to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and germs for significantly longer than its competitors. It’s all thanks to its exclusive BioDoor Dual Layer formula that binds the active ingredients to the surface its on and prevents them from being easily rinsed away. Other products will rinse away when exposed to water or condensation. This one won’t.

Like the Cleaner Prep, it’s also non-toxic (with no bleach, zero VOCs or triclosan) and safe for people, pets and the environment. Just spray it on the surface and leave it be. There’s no requirement to rinse or wipe away.


If you have an issue with bathtub mold, give these products a try. With bleach-based products, you have to keep on top of things every couple weeks. I like that Endurance Biobarrier is guaranteed to not only clean the mess, but prevent it from re-occurring mere weeks later.

Their mold, germ, mildew and musty odour guarantees cover 6 months in high traffic areas like your kitchen, bathroom or carpet. It’s two years guaranteed on indoor and outdoor surfaces like drywall, wood and concrete. On enclosed surfaces like your attic, wall cavities and insulation, the guarantee is 25 years!

Pretty impressive stuff.

Try it for yourself. Pick some up at the Endurance BioBarrier or

Hopefully, I’ll never see that grossness again. These products should protect me long enough to get a new window installed and rectify the issue for good!

Do you have any spots in your home that you could use Endurance BioBarrier?

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