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To say we had a long winter here in New York is an understatement. But now spring is here and we’re able to open the windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in, and we’re in overdrive with our spring cleaning! I always have an arsenal of cleaning products under my kitchen sink and I have some new and unique products from CleanPath that promise not only to clean well, but to cut down on your costs and plastic consumption.


CleanPath sent me a gift card to use to pick up some of their cleaning products, available exclusively at Walmart stores. I was happy to find a Multi-Surface Cleaner and Glass Cleaner at my local store. I picked up a bottle of each, as well as a refill pod for each.

What makes CleanPath great is that you only have to pay for a bottle once – after that, you simply use the refill pods. In New York, each complete bottle was $3.58, with each refill pod only $2.28.


The concept is pretty neat, in that you simply have flip the bottle you’re using in order to fill it with your cleaner (it has a built in measuring cup, so you can’t make a mistake!), flip the bottle back over, add cold water, and you’re ready to go! Each pod contains enough cleaning liquid to fill up the bottle three times – so you’re getting a lot bang for your cleaning buck with CleanPath.

What I love, is that I now only have to buy refill pods, so I’m using less plastic (and the bottles and pods are made of recyclable materials). Plus, these products work – we’ve been using the multi-surface cleaner everywhere (from our bathrooms to our kitchen), and the glass cleaner is helping us get off all the grime that has built up over the winter. I’m impressed with the cleaning power and the environmental impact.


CleanPath was developed with the vision to reduce the waste in cleaning products. By having consumers add their own water at home, CleanPath is able to use 80% less plastic, energy, and carbon emissions than pre-mixed cleaners (which are 90% water!).

CleanPath offers a full line of cleaners and hand soap. You can see all they have to offer on their website.


Gina is a working mom of two young boys, living in Westchester NY. She enjoys taking pictures, blogging and spending time with her boys in her spare time.

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