5 Tips for a Healthy Summer


  1. Vitamins are something I always forget! This summer I am beginning a yoga journey! 😀
    I was going to start at a studio, but then I tried some videos on youtube, and I think I should keep practicing at home first until I get a little better. Falling over and laughing at myself would be distracting in a group setting. My balance is way off! But practice makes progress, and I’m confident I will get to the point where I can practice without hiding in my bedroom! lol

  2. I am going to follow some of your tips — drink more water, get some exercise, and eat healthier!

  3. I suffer with Lupus so getting outside isn’t an option for me if it’s too hot outside. It gets super hot here in California. Any other suggestions on how I can be more active without jeopardizing my health?

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