A Mothers Day Road Trip with the HP Spectre x360

On Mother’s Day weekend, we made an impromptu trip to Ottawa to visit my sister and her family. It’s only about an hour and half drive from Pembroke to Ottawa, but for my 10 year old daughter, it seems to take forever. Her words.

Bridget hates long car rides. She loves going to visit her cousin and aunt, but detests the drive. She says that she wishes we could teleport ourselves there. I wish that was possible too because it would save me gas money and wear and tear on my vehicle! However, I do the best that I can to keep her busy on the drive there. Normally, she likes to listen to music or read, but this time around, we tried something a little different to keep her happy and occupied. My new HP Spectre x360 was up for the challenge. This PC will bend over backwards to help simplify your life…literally! It has four modes: Stand mode, Tent mode, Laptop mode and Bridget’s favourite, Tablet mode.

Tablet mode is perfect for road trips!

hp road trip-7

This sleek PC has 360° flexibility which allows it to seamlessly change between the four modes. It easily folded into a tablet and use the touchscreen to maneuver around like normal. It’s light enough for a child to hold and carry. It even comes with a carrying case you can store it in when its not in use.

hp road trip-1

I loaded it up with free games and apps from the Windows Store. Bridget likes Monster Love Candy and Tetris. I also added the Fresh Paint app so she could create beautiful art work while on the road.

She ended up using the Fresh Paint app pretty much the whole drive there! Fresh Paint is a free app that gives you a variety of tools like oil, watercolours, pencils and more to create original works of art. You can also turn photos into beautiful paintings and colour on fun colouring pages via the app.

hp road trip-2

Bridget can easily undo any mistakes and save her work if she wants to later print it out or share with our family members.

hp road trip-4

All it takes a touch of the finger and an imagination. Bridget is a creative little girl and art is her favourite subject in school. I was super happy that she enjoyed using Fresh Paint on the HP Spectre x360 and got her mind off the monotony of a long drive.

hp road trip-6

I was also impressed by the battery life. It’s built for up to 12.5 hours of battery life thanks to a thin and powerful polymer battery. The HP Spectre x360 is so lightweight you’d never know it though! It easily lasted for our trip to my sister’s house. I charged it again when we got there. On the way home, Bridget used it again with no problems.

If you are planning a road trip this summer, consider bringing the HP Spectre x360 to keep your little ones occupied. Besides the Fresh Paint app, you can also fill it with games and movies from the Windows Store. Keeping the kids busy makes for a much more peaceful, relaxing drive for everyone and it also stops the constant questions. “Are we there yet?” or “How much longer?” get pretty old after the first five times!

How do you keep your kids busy on road trips?

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