My #PetHappy Story

Let me begin this post with an interesting statistic. Did you know that 98% of Canadians feel that their pets improve their overall well-being? I believe it. Many studies have shown that owning and interacting with pets can improve physical and mental health, increase self-esteem and reduce stress. For me personally, owning pets brings me immense joy. I love taking care of their needs, playing with them and just sitting with them quietly while they sleep and I work.

I have three cats now after recently adopting a rescue kitten at our local shelter. Princess and Misty have a new sibling, Reggie, and in the short time that we’ve added him to our family, I’ve grown extremely attached to him. Even just looking at Reggie fills my heart with unconditional love. He’s a firecracker, but a sweet one when he wants to be!


At first, I wasn’t sure about getting Reggie. My youngest daughter and I visited the shelter to look at the cats. Reggie was so hyper and all over the place. He was trying to get into the rabbits’ pen and play with them. Bridget was adamant that Reggie was the cat we should get. I caved in and put the quiet kitten I was holding back in her bed and said we wanted Reggie.


I’m glad I listened to Bridget. Reggie is fearless and was not the slightest bit intimidated meeting his new sisters. They didn’t like him at first and there was lots of hisses and swats.

Now they are getting along a million times better. Princess and Reggie hang out in the front window together. I even caught Reggie grooming Princess and she didn’t mind. I think Reggie has helped my two older cats get active. There is usually some daily chasing around the basement and Reggie loves sneaking up on Misty and scaring her. He’s got a ton of personality and a mischievous streak!


He’s also got the cutest little meow that melts my heart. He’s very vocal and always makes soft little noises when he sees you come into the room. Misty and Princess will stay in their beds and barely open their eyes. Reggie, on the other hand, will wake up, meow, and come and see you to either swat at your feet or lick them (ewww).


I cherish the quiet moments that I share with Reggie. He cuddles up on my legs and sleeps away, snoring gently. He looks so sweet and innocent.

Reggie has definitely added to my overall well-being. He’s my precious baby boy and I always tell him how much I love him (and his sisters too). Yes, I talk to my cats. They understand…mostly anyways!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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Stacie Vaughan

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