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May Nerd Block Jr.

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purposes.

It’s that time again! Another month goes by and I have another Nerd Block Jr. subscription box to share with you.

It’s always a treat when I see the familiar purple box in my mailbox. Bridget usually discovers it as she heads out the door to school. It gives her something to look forward to during the day. She anticipates what treasures lie inside!

Here’s a peek at May’s Nerd Block Jr. for girls shipment.

nerd block may-1

Bridget LOVES Minecraft. She plays it with John on the computer and they help build each forts and gardens or whatever Minecrafters do. I won’t even pretend to try and understand because it’s not my thing. She was super stoked to receive a Minecraft book to read. I was happy with it too because it makes her more likely to read something!

nerd block may-2

Ah Frozen. That Disney movie everyone loved so much and I still have not seen. I know. I need to watch it! Though we don’t own Frozen, Bridget has seen the movie. This Frozen themed On-The Go Bottle is perfect for her to bring to school. She brings water with her everyday and it’s always handy to have some extra bottles.

nerd block may-3

Sick Bricks are collectibles part of a scan-to-play video game. The game is free to download. She can download it on her iPad and give it a try.

nerd block may-4

These adorable My Little Pony stickers can go in Bridget’s sticker book or to decorate her journal.

nerd block may-5

This little guy is a Bravest Warriors Impossibear. I’d never heard of them either so I googled.  He’s part of the Cartoon Hangover web series on YouTube. Yes, episodes can all be watched for free on YouTube. Very cool!

nerd block may-6

Nerd Block Jr. subscriptions are geared for children age 6 to 11 years old. You can choose the boy or girl Nerd Block Jr. It ships on the 15th of every month and the cost is $13.99. Prepay a few months to get a discount! Kids love to get mail too and this is a fun surprise for them to look forward to each month!

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