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How to Save Money on Groceries with Checkout 51

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I’m sure many of you have heard of Checkout 51 and probably use it regularly, but if you haven’t, I’ve got the scoop! I’ve been using Checkout 51 to save money on my groceries since August. It’s one of several cashback grocery apps that I use and it’s also the one I’ve earned the most money on. It has a large selection of offers with many being higher value. It also has products that I actually buy. I only buy what I know I will use and if I can save a little money on my purchase – bonus!

Save Money on Groceries with Checkout 51How It Works

On Thursday mornings, Checkout 51 updates its mobile app and website with a list of the current offers for the coming week. Browse through the offers, purchase the items at the store and upload a photo of your receipt through the app or the website. When you reach $20, you can cash out and Checkout 51 will send you a cheque in the mail.


I use the mobile app to upload my receipts. It’s really simple. You click “Upload Receipt” and take photos of your entire receipt. Then select the offers you purchased that are shown on your receipt. Click submit. Checkout 51 will review your receipt and then add the money to your account.


View Offer Details 

Click on each of the offers to get the specifics. Some of the offers will have limits of 1 meaning you can only claim the item once. While others will let you claim it more than one. This box of Kellogg’s Corn Pops can be claimed three times. So if I bought three boxes, I can earn 3 x $0.75 = $2.25.

When I’m looking at the offers, I’ll check my coupons to see if I have any coupons I can use for any of them. I go through three steps when planning my shopping, checking the sales, seeing if I have a coupon for any of the sale items and seeing if any are offered on the cashback apps like Checkout 51. Sometimes you can score all three savings!


Bonus Incentives

I often will see bonus offers in my app dashboard. This one says that if I buy this product, Checkout 51 will show me four new exclusive produce offers that I can earn money on. It’s an incentive for me to buy that product. I only buy the item if it’s something I can use and/or need.


Contests to Enter

They have contests to enter every week. If you upload a grocery receipt where you spent $60+, you can enter once. Even if I didn’t buy any offers that week, I’ll still upload my receipt in the app to enter the contest. I haven’t won yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

Make $$$

This is the main reason I joined – to earn some cashback on my groceries! And cashback I have earned! This is my total since joining in August.


I cash out once I hit $20. I know some people prefer to leave it in the app to let it accumulate. Either way works. Once you cash out, you start back at $0 and repeat the process.

Checkout 51 was founded in Canada, but they also have an American site! Just choose which country you live in when you sign up.

Start Saving

Sign up for Checkout 51, if you haven’t already, and start saving money! I love this app and have been telling my family and friends they need to get it.

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