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GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

Many schools in the US are already out for the summer. Here in New York, we’re so close to the end. We’re winding down to the last few weeks of art projects and homework sheets. As of the end of June, we’re off until September! With my big guy ending his kindergarten year, and my little guy getting ready for Pre-K, I want to make sure both of them stay thirsty for knowledge and continue their love of learning through the long summer vacation. GoldieBlox knows just how to keep kids engaged this summer – by making learning fun with their neat project boxes.


GoldieBlox sent us their GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine kit for review. This kit teaches kids how to make their own movies by having them follow Goldie and her friends as they strive to save the Bloxtown Film Festival.


As my boys as I read the story together, we were prompted to build pieces of the movie machine at certain points in the story, and as we got to the end, we had our very own zoetrope (a pre-cinema animation device). We had four different “movies” that we cycled through that were included with the kit – with our favorite being the bouncing goldfish.


My boys and I had a blast building the zoetrope and we laughed and had a great time together trading admission tickets and swapping out movies. GoldieBlox really made this learning experience a fun one. What I also like about this kit is the quality of the contents – the pieces are sturdy and very well-made. My six-year-old was able to build the zoetrope on his own with very little help from me.


This kit is great for teaching patience and helping little minds follow a story and building instructions. This kit sells for $29.99 on the GoldieBlox site and would make for a great boredom buster this summer!

GoldieBlox was created to help girls stay motivated in the largely male-dominated fields of engineering, science and math. The GoldieBlox sets bolster confidence in spatial skills while giving young inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things. They offer so many fun sets, and even though the company markets itself to girls, these kits are great for boys too! My boys LOVED the story book and building projects in the kit we received. A GoldieBlox set would make for a great graduation gift for any young girl or boy in your life.


To see all the sets GoldieBlox has to offer, check out their website. Kids can also interact with Goldie on the BloxTown site.


Gina is a working mom of two young boys, living in Westchester NY. She enjoys taking pictures, blogging and spending time with her boys in her spare time.

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