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April Nerd Block Jr.

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Does your little one like surprises? If so, I suggest a Nerd Block Jr. subscription for either a boy or a girl. Bridget has been receiving the Nerd Block Jr. for girls boxes for the last several month and they are always a hit. Her eyes light up when she opens up her box. She never knows what will be inside and I think that is part of the fun for her. Plus, the toys are pretty cool and unique. We definitely cannot find toys like many of the ones in our Nerd Block Jr. in our local area.

Want to see what’s inside our April Nerd Block Jr. for girls? Check it out.

nerd block april-1

Meet Kyle, one of The Monsternauts. He’s described as a bit of a hypochondriac with remarkable computational abilities. I had to google Kyle because I’d never heard of him before. He’s from The Monster Factory.

nerd block april-2

For the Frozen obsessed kids (and parents), there was a Disney Frozen themed Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag inside. I’ve been using it to put snacks inside for Bridget’s school lunch.

nerd block april-3

Sonic The Hedgehog Bouncy Ball with its super sonic bounce is a hit. Our kitten, Reggie, loves chasing the ball around and watching it bounce way up high.

nerd block april-4

I remember playing Mad Libs when I was growing up. Adventure Time Mad Libs is full of fun word games. Hilarious!

nerd block april-5


Also inside was a collectible figure from the Hello Kitty Monsters Collection. It’s one of six in the collection.

Nerd Block Jr. ships on the 15th of every month. Order now and get in on the May Nerd Block Jr. The subscriptions are recommended for kids ages 6 to 11. The cost is $13.99 and you also have the option to pre-pay a few months for a discounted rate. A Nerd Block Jr. subscription makes for a fun and unique birthday gift too!

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