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Week 5 #CommitToFit Challenge #CarlsCrew

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already Week 6 on the SUBWAY Canada Commit to Fit Challenge! Last week, Carl Savard, the SUBWAY Canada Commit to Fit Ambassador challenged us to keep a food journal. I’ve attempted these in the past and always gave up a few days in. I just forgot to write down what I was eating. This time around, I kept the journal and a pen in the kitchen and jotted down what I ate. I just used a pad of paper and a pen, but I found some cute free food journal printables to download. I’d like to print out a bunch and make a binder.

subway-1 (1)

I’ve had a lot going on personally and have been stressed out. When I’m stressed, I have to force myself to eat. On the plus side, I’ve lost weight. I notice that I am making healthier choices now. I snack on oranges and apples when I’m craving something sweet. I also am eating a lot more salads. I ate a salad almost every day according to my journal.

Here’s a list of a few free printable food journals I found online. I think food journals help keep you accountable and also allow you to see if there is a pattern to your eating habits and cravings. I know that I tend to be hungrier at night and hardly ever feel hungry in the mornings.

  1. Happiness is Homemade
  2. Thirty Handmade Days
  3. Mommy Octopus
  4. Mommy’s Idea Book

Do you currently keep a food journal? Have you ever used one in the past?

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