Hit by Delilah S. Dawson

Hit by Delilah S. Dawson

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Title: Hit

Author: Delilah S. Dawson

About the Book

In order to save her mother, a teen is forced to become an indentured assassin in this sizzling dystopian thriller.

No one reads the fine print.

The good news is that the USA is finally out of debt. The bad news is that we were bought out by Valor National Bank, and debtors are the new big game, thanks to a tricky little clause hidden deep in the fine print of a credit card application. Now, after a swift and silent takeover that leaves 9-1-1 calls going through to Valor voicemail, they’re unleashing a wave of anarchy across the country.

Patsy didn’t have much of a choice. When the suits showed up at her house threatening to kill her mother then and there for outstanding debt unless Patsy agreed to be an indentured assassin, what was she supposed to do? Let her own mother die?

Patsy is forced to take on a five-day mission to complete a hit list of ten names. Each name on Patsy’s list has only three choices: pay the debt on the spot, agree to work as a bounty hunter, or die. And Patsy has to kill them personally, or else her mom takes a bullet of her own. Since yarn bombing is the only anarchy in Patsy’s past, she’s horrified and overwhelmed, especially as she realizes that most of the ten people on her list aren’t strangers. Things get even more complicated when a moment of mercy lands her with a sidekick: a hot rich kid named Wyatt whose brother is the last name on Patsy’s list. The two share an intense chemistry even as every tick of the clock draws them closer to an impossible choice.

Delilah S. Dawson offers an absorbing, frightening glimpse at a reality just steps away from ours—a taut, suspenseful thriller that absolutely mesmerizes from start to finish.

My Thoughts

Did you read the fine print when you signed up for your credit card? After reading Hit, I’ll think twice before signing anything! The premise is a little farfetched, but it’s supposed to be that way. The USA is now secretly owned by  Valor National Bank. It’s full-on anarchy, but no one knows it yet. Patsy Klein (yes, that’s her name!) found out about the new government after her mom was threatened with her life. Patsy had to become an assassin for Valor National Bank or her mom (and her) die. What choice did she have? This teenage girl is forced into the life of a hitman (or hitwomen in this case).

Patsy has 10 people to kill before she and her mom are released from their debt and can live. Her mom has cancer and can get treatment when Patsy fulfills her obligation. The 10 people she has to murder are people who owe money to the bank. When they signed up for their credit card, hidden there in the fine print was the clause about forfeiting their life if they failed to pay.

The first guy she kills has a son who comes and find Patsy to threaten her. They end up beginning a romantic relationship. I thought that was a little strange because she just killed his dad. I would always be wondering if he was trying to trick me. I could be just paranoid though.

Patsy (and Wyatt who becomes her sidekick) continue on with the list of people. She begins to notice she has a personal connection to the people on the list. That piqued my interest and made me want to learn more about how she was connected to these people. Why did Valor give her these names?

Expect a few plot twists and towards the end, I knew there was no way they would be wrapped up. There will either be a sequel or a series of books. That’s a good thing because I’m curious to learn more about what is happening in America and how everything will play out for Patsy, Wyatt and her mom.

I found some parts pretty violent and a little graphic. I guess that is to be expected given the plot, but it was still a little shocking in parts. It’s a teen book, but I think it’s more suited to older teens. Though it’s probably not any worse than what is on TV these days.

I found some of the chapters a little long, but overall, I enjoyed the book. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did when I initially started reading. I’m glad I gave it a chance and followed through with it. I look forward to reading more of what’s to come for Patsy and Wyatt.

Stacie Vaughan

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