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Sometimes All You Need is a Day Off

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Long hours are a given for many entrepreneurs. I’ve been self-employed for the past seven years and love it. It doesn’t feel like “work” when it’s something you are passionate about. One downfall is that days off are rare. Everyone needs a break no matter how much they love what they do. That is one of the reasons why the new BMO #HelpGiven video, Arash’s Day Off, hit so close to home. I can totally to relate to Arash and understand his motivation to work hard and be successful.

Check it out.

Heartwarming, right? The first time I watched it, I had tears in my eyes. What an awesome thing for BMO to do for him. He deserved a break! It was neat to see the BMO employees pitch in and serve sandwiches to the deli customers. Arash enjoyed his day off and checked into a local hotel to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation.

BMO has demonstrated that they go above and beyond for their customers. They developed the Help Given program to bring their tagline, “We’re Here to Help”, to life in the real world. Based on what I witnessed, I’d say they were successful! Arash was obviously touched and genuine in his gratitude.

It reminded me of this quote, “Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected surprises”. I bet Arash would agree with that! I hope that there are more videos like this in the future.

What did you think of the video? 

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