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13 Must-Read Books about Meal Planning

I’m meal planning now, but know that I could be doing a better job at it. Like any new hobby I start, I want to research as much as I can about it and learn how to do it properly. One of the big motivations for me is to save money and I know that planning out your meals for the week ahead does just that. We don’t eat out as often because I already know what I’m making for supper that night. I’m also shopping more efficiently and buying only the items I need for that week’s meals. Most times, I already have everything I need in my pantry because I stock up when there is a sale.

One great way to start learning about meal planning (or really any subject for that matter) is books. Another plus about meal planning is that many of the books are on Kindle and very affordable. You can start purchase them and get instant access.  I’ve read How to Meal Plan by Crystal VanTassel already and plan to check out a few others on this list of 13 must-read books about meal planning.

13 Must-Read Books about Meal Planning - want to learn how to meal plan? These books are a great starting point!

Books About Meal Planning

  1. Plan It, Don’t Panic: Everything You Need to Successfully Create and Use a Meal Plan by Stephanie Langford
  2. How to Meal Plan: A Step by Step Guide for Busy Moms by Crystal VanTassel
  3. Saving with Menu Planning by Kimberly Eddy
  4. Meal Plan: Mom’s Guide to Saving Money Time Sanity by Rayven Perkins
  5. Paleo Meal Planning on a Budget by Elizabeth McGaw
  6. Menu Planning For Families: With Over 100 Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes by Debbie Madison
  7. Meal Planning Makeover: All the Benefits…None of the Hassles by Danalyn S Merino
  8. The Weekly Feeder : A Revolutionary Shopping, Cooking and Meal Planning System by Cori Kirkpatrick
  9. How to Create Your Own Meal Plans by Penelope Hoyt
  10. Conquering Your Kitchen: How to plan meals, shop, and cook real food with confidence and purpose! by Annemarie Rossi
  11. How to Achieve Menu Planning Success: Simple solutions for meal planning bliss by Casie Howard
  12. How to Meal Plan: Quick and Easy Ways to Save Time and Money by Jayme Dougherty
  13. Weekly Meal Planner: Organize Your Meal Planning by Frances P Robinson

Whether you need a refresher or a complete newbie to meal planning, these books will offer you tips and strategies for success. Do you meal plan now?

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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