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Week 2 #CommitToFit Challenge

Our Commit to Fit challenge this week was to eat better which is something I’m sure we all said we wanted to do before! I’d done well with the week one challenge of drinking more water and knew that this would be no different. I’m already eating a lot better than I was this time last year. Carl Savard, the SUBWAY Canada Commit to Fit ambassador, challenged us to have fruit and/or vegetables with every snack throughout the week. He suggested that veggies should take up half the space on our places and eat fruit in place of unhealthy desserts.

subway-1 (1)

I keep my fridge stocked full of fruit. Right now I’m on a huge orange kick. When the sweet cravings hit, I reach for an orange. They are juicy, sweet and healthy. An orange takes the cravings away!


For veggies, I’ve been eating a lot of salads. I normally have a salad with supper every night. I like Caesar salads (hold the croutons) with sugar free dressing, Greek salad and spring mix with almonds and raspberries. Yum!

On my visits to SUBWAY, I’ve been sticking to the veggie subs on whole wheat. I load it with fresh veggies and mustard. They are delicious and filling!


It’s hard to believe that I used to be the girl that never ate vegetables. I didn’t start eating them till I was in my early 20s. Crazy! Now I can’t enough of them. I was missing out all those years and didn’t know it.

Carl will be sending us our Week 3 challenge tomorrow. I’ll share with you then what that is. Hopefully I continue on with doing as well as I am!

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Disclosure: I received compensation for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own.

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