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Spring Six Week #CommitToFit Challenge #CarlsCrew

You may or may not remember back in the Fall I participated in a six week challenge to Commit to Fit with SUBWAY Canada. I’m happy to report that my I’ve just begun another one of their six week challenges this Spring! Several other Canadian bloggers are joining me with the guidance of Carl Savard (@SUBWAYCarl), the SUBWAY Canada Commit to Fit Ambassador. Every week Carl emails us a health & fitness challenge and we report how we are doing via our blogs and social media accounts. Look for the hashtags #CommitToFit and #CarlsCrew.

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This past week was Week One of the challenge. It was fairly easy for me since it’s been something I’ve been working on for awhile – drink more water!

From Carl:

The focus for this week is based on one of the most important fuels our bodies need to keep us going every day: water. This week’s challenge is to drink 1L more water daily than you usually do, to a maximum of 2.7 L for women and 3.7 L for men.

He went on to talk about the importance of staying hydrated. We need water to live. Water helps oxygen travel to our bloodstream, balance our body temperature and makes sure our cells are doing their jobs. Water also acts as a lubricant and cushion for joints.

Carl pointed out that the goal was not drink as much water as you possibly can, but to instead, slowly increase your daily consumption to recommended maximums.


I’ve had my coffee and now it’s time to start drinking water! #CarlsCrew #CommitToFit week 1 challenge

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I made sure to always bring my water with me wherever I go. I sometimes forget when I’m in a rush to grab the water bottle, but this week, I made sure to NOT forget to bring it!

Stay tuned for the challenge for week two! We find out what it is tomorrow.

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