How to Use Fish Sauce in Recipes #TKeveryday

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Registered dietitian, Abbey Sharp, has give me a new perspective on one of her top kitchen staples: fish sauce! It’s an ingredient that I hadn’t given much thought to in the past mainly because I wasn’t sure what to do with it. After watching Abbey’s video featuring fish sauce, I’ve decided to take another look at this unfamiliar (to me) pantry item and incorporate it more into our family dinners. Like Abbey says in the video, “we can do better than a little bit of spaghetti and canned beef”! I wholeheartedly agree – we sure can. Check out her video below.

Her favourite fish sauce is Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce because of it’s “je ne sais quoi” flavour. You know when people start speaking foreign languages when describing something that it has to be good! I’m going to try her suggestion of using fish sauce in my Caesar salad dressing instead of using anchovies.


I’m very picky when it comes to alcohol, but I adore Caesars! They are a treat for me and I love the flavour and making them for guests at my home. I’m going to switch out the Worcestershire sauce for fish sauce as Abbey suggests. I can almost taste it now!

I went in search of more ways to use fish sauce in recipes and found this yummy selection of recipes from some popular Canadian bloggers. Take a look:

  1. Thai Cocktail Meatballs
  2. Braised Chicken with Squash and Mushrooms
  3. Steak Thai Summer Salad
  4. Beef and Asparagus on Lettuce Leaves with Thai Chili and Ginger Dipping Sauce
  5. Thai Wedding Soup

I know what I’m serving at our next dinner party – these scrumptious Thai Cocktail Meatballs from Frugal Mom Eh! Don’t they look tasty?

frugal mom

© Frugal Mom Eh! 

Craving more fish sauce recipes? I sure am now! Check out the #TKeverday Recipe challenge for more easy recipes.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite recipe in the #TKeverday Recipe Challenge Championship Round. Five bloggers across Canada are competing to be Thai Kitchen Canada’s Ambassador and you’ll also be entered to win thousands in prizes too.

What is your favourite way to use fish sauce? I’d love to hear your recipe ideas!

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