Show Your Pet Love on Valentine’s Day

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This week has been a flurry of Valentine’s day preparations. Whether you’re planning an elaborate date night or dinner at home, Valentine’s day is about showing love to someone you care about. I always buy John and my daughters a little something, but there is other members of the family to also consider – your pets! Let’s not forget our furbabies! They need to feel special and appreciated too.

One of the best ways to show your pet you love them is to take them to the vet for a check-up! I know, I know. They may not like the vet. Misty hates the car, but I always shower her with treats and lots of love when we get home.

Show Your Pet Love on Valentine's Day

Taking your pet to the vet is important for several reasons according to the experts. Here are five reasons why taking your pet to the vet on a regular basis is a good idea.

1. Prevention is key. It’s a simple matter of prevention vs. reaction. Animals need regular wellness check-ups just like us humans do. It’s better to find out a problem early on so you can deal with it now. Dogs and cats age faster than people do. Booking them into the vet for a check-up once a year is a smart move in being proactive about your pet’s health.

2. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Some people are deterred by vet visits because of the perception it can be costly. It doesn’t have to be. With pet insurance, you protect yourself and your pet against the cost of emergencies – which aren’t cheap. Pet insurance can also help to reduce the cost of regular vet check-ups. Petsecure offers pet insurance and has a variety of policies at different price points to help fit in your budget.

3. Keep tabs on potential unwanted visitors. Both internal and external parasites and heartworms are a danger to pets. However, preventing them is easy. You might not even know your pet has them! Talk to your vet about medications that can help. Side note: Poor Misty had a tick in her neck that the vet found at her first check-up as a kitten. She pulled out a live bug – gross! We may not have found it or recognized what it was. I was grateful for the vet getting rid of it.

Show Your Pet Love on Valentine's Day

4. Diet advice. People aren’t the only ones who have to worry about keeping the pounds off. It’s also important for your pet’s health to maintain a healthy body weight. Vets are a great source of information when it comes to helping you get your pet on the right nutritional path. Our vet was great when I talked to her about Princess’s weight and had some tips on what I could do to help her.

5. Healthy smiles. Dogs and cats rely on their mouths making it even more imperative to look after their teeth. A vet can perform a dental exam to make sure everything is looking good and catch any potential problems. Many cats and dogs deal with dental problems sometime in their life. My mom’s Boston Terrier is 12 years old and barely has any teeth left. Look after the teeth they have so they can last them a lifetime.

Show Your Pet Love on Valentine's Day

Misty and Princess are due for another check-up in the spring. I’ll be phoning the vet to make an appointment for both girls to make sure everything is a-ok. In addition to booking a vet appointment, I also will be giving them lots of kitty snuggles to celebrate the occasion!

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