How to Pick the Best Location for Your Cat’s Litter Box

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Ask a cat owner where the best location for your cat’s litter box is and you will probably end up with a bunch of different answers. Some will say in the basement for privacy and others may say the laundry room since it’s easily accessible. I stressed over where to put Princess and Misty’s litter boxes when we moved into our home last June. I wanted it to be a spot that was convenient for them, but not in the way of everyone else in the house. Their litter boxes are in the basement since that is mainly where the cats like to hang out. We have a finished rec room down there and they enjoy lounging around on the couches.

Who knew picking a spot for a litter box could be so complicated? It isn’t, not really anyways. There are a few factors to consider and these, of course, will depend on your cat’s preferences. In general, though, here are several guidelines to follow when choosing a location for your cat’s litter box.

How to Pick the Best Location for Your Cat's Litter Box - Yes, there is a right and wrong location!

  • Avoid stairs. If you have a young kitten or old cat, don’t put the litter in a spot where they have to climb a flight of stairs.
  • Pick a location that is somewhat private, quiet and most importantly, a spot where your cat will feel safe doing his/her business. Cats feel vulnerable when they use the litter box and prefer to have a view of the entire room. It boils down to their animal instincts kicking in and a fear of being attacked when they are at their most vulnerable. I’ve seen Princess sneak up on Misty when she was trying to use the litter box. I had to move it to another spot so Misty could always see what was happening because Princess was bad for ambushing her sister. I guess she thought it was fun.
  • Don’t put the litter box in the same area they eat. This should be a no-brainer. You wouldn’t want to eat in the bathroom either.
  • Make sure it’s always accessible. Don’t put the litter box in a room where the door can be inadvertently shut. A few years back I had Misty and Princess’s litter box in the basement. I normally kept the basement door open for them, but accidentally closed it before I went to bed. I came downstairs that morning and stepped in a big stinky mess in the hallway. Eek! I didn’t make that mistake again.
  • Don’t put the litter next to a noisy appliance or the furnace. A washing machine may scare the cat and he or she won’t want to use the litter. With the furnace, the smell from the litter may drift through your house through your vents.

Once you’ve decided on the right location for your cat’s litter box, make sure to clean it regularly. Cats are naturally clean animals and do not like a dirty litter box. My cats go nuts when I clean their litter boxes. They’ll watch me intently and then as soon as I’m done, they’ll race to get in there and dirty it up.

I like using Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Complete Odour Sealing Cat Litter. It’s the only litter that forms a tight seal around the mess and destroys the smell with the power of baking soda and unique odour eliminators.

Where do you have your cat’s litter box?

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