How to Pick the Best Location for Your Cat’s Litter Box


  1. I have a main floor laundry room, so it isn’t a problem keeping the litter box there

  2. We have ours in our extra bathroom to the room the cats love to go to. For the most part, my cats “go” outside but if no one lets them out they go in the litter. We trained our cats to go to the door and ring the bells on the doorknob when they need to go outside. They reach up and shake the bells and we go let them out. 😉

  3. Great ideas! I have the litter box in the basement too.

  4. I have the cat’s litterbox in the laundry room. I have not had a problem with that, but it is in the same place since we got them so they are used to it. It is convenient for me, and out of the way from our living area.

  5. A lot of good points that I have not though about before.

  6. Yes I also believe good litter is important .

  7. Thanks for the info on locating a litter box in the right area. Ours is a convenient location for both our cats. They don’t ambush each other either….lol.

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